Tragidoodles: A Review

Tragidoodles: A Review

My mate Ben Cameron (no relations) has a book coming out next week (Nov 3rd). I participated in crowd funding it so I got it early and it’s great. My Goodread’s review is below:



TragidoodlesTragidoodles by Ben Cameron
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 stars.

This book is great. The illustration style is cute, simple, and full of character. It’s the Ronseal of books, in that this is definitely a book of TRAGIC doodles. Some of them sank even my cold heart. Most will make you laugh and then feel guilty about it.

My favourite thing about this book is the way Ben Cameron brings life to simple things like leaves, or the bubbles in a carbonated drink. Each of these panels says something about life or what it means to be human.

Also, dogs! I enjoyed the dog doodles most. There’s just something about the way dogs want their owner’s complete love and attention which makes them so desperate. Ben’s portrayals of dogs are perfect.

There’s quite a few dead animals spread throughout the book which I found less clever than the other doodles, but there are one-hundred doodles in here of which I throughly enjoyed ninety.

Leave this book on your coffee table and ruin/make your guest’s day.

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The Office Spy Honest Review Giveaway


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Rex and Eddie’s Morris Minor

Rex and Eddie’s Morris Minor

In my Rex & Eddie Mysteries series the two detectives drive around in a lime-green 1971 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller.

I chose the car because my old English teacher Mr Grant had one which always stood out in the school car park. To me it was funny to give two detectives such a stand out vehicle to do stakeouts. It’s also a British car, and I thought the detectives should drive something specifically British.

Back in May while visiting the Culver City Car Show I actually saw one in the flesh; it was even green. It was a little older than Rex and Eddie’s car but in a far better condition. I took some photos as a writing reference and thought it would be fun to give readers a good look.

Here’s the heroic shot:

A look at the back’s wooden frame. The reason it was called a “woody.” Just to be clear this isn’t just an exterior trim it’s the actual frame. There’s even a company that makes the replacement wood parts. You know, for when your car gets dry rot or termites.
IMG_4013 IMG_4012IMG_4014Interior.
IMG_4016Since it’s a British car it is right hand drive. I can’t imagine driving one of these on Los Angeles’ roads. I’d be very disoriented.
IMG_4011I find it interesting that the cars ignition in in the centre of the dashboard below the speedometer. I’ve never been able to fit that detail into a story as Rex and Eddie are always in a hurry to get away and mentioning it slows down the story.  IMG_4018Here’s a picture of me and my daughter enjoying the and morrisBonus photo: Also at the car show was the new Ghostbusters vehicle. I love the scenes in the original where the Ghostbusters are setting up their company, buying an eccentric car, and renting a fixer-upper office. They heavily influenced chapters in Catchee Monkey, so I was excited to see the new team’s car on display; right by the Rex and Eddie car.