Feline Fatale

Feline Fatale

FelineFatale in 3D

A case they can get their claws into, if only they had a clue.

Rex and Eddie are a pair of lovable losers hoping to prove themselves as detectives in their dreary British hometown. Out of work, they accept a case to find the missing cat of their old school teacher, and first crush, Mrs Nerdlinger.

As delightful and pretty as she was twenty-years-ago, the detective duo are unable to say no to Mrs Nerdlinger, even when pitted against a creepy stalker, a nosey neighbour, and a rude old woman claiming to be the cat’s real owner.

This laugh out loud novella is the second story in the highly entertaining Rex & Eddie Mystery series. Feline Fatale is a fun and farcical thriller full of sharp dialogue, clever twists, and silly antics.

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