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Audiobook Theme Tune *I need your input*

Audiobook Theme Tune *I need your input*

I’m in pre-production for the Rex & Eddie audiobooks and need to decide on the intro music. I want you to help me decide.

So far, I’ve narrowed it down to two choices. I really want something that sets the tone and I’d like to know what my readers think.

Here are the clips, so give them a listen (I’ll only use the first 30 seconds or so), and then vote below:

Option 1: The Builder

Option 2: Mischief Maker


What track should be the Rex & Eddie audiobook theme?
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Rex & Eddie Mysteries: The Soundtrack

Rex & Eddie Mysteries: The Soundtrack

Writing rituals really help to get me in the flow of writing. One of those rituals is to listen to the same thing every time I write a project. It lets my brain know it’s time to type some words. That’s why I have a soundtrack to write Rex & Eddie to.

When I visit my parent’s house my favourite place to write is in their conservatory, at night, when it rains. Being England there’s plenty of opportunity for a shower or two.  Now I live in Los Angeles there’s rarely a chance of rain so I play Rainymood.com  while the sun beams through my windows.

As the sound of rain gets my brainwaves flowing I put on a playlist to set the mood. While writing Rex & Eddie novels I usually play a mash of thriller soundtracks and James Bond scores with some silly, offbeat tracks like The Pink Panther theme mixed in.

I wanted to share some of the tracks I’m currently writing Rex & Eddie to – which would also work as a soundtrack to the books if you like listening to music while reading.

So here’s a Spotify playlist for your listening – and reading – pleasure.

If you know similar music you’d recommend adding to my writing playlist, please let me know. I’d love to give it a listen.

Little Free Library – take a book, give a book

Little Free Library – take a book, give a book

Free Little Library

I take a lot of walks in my neighbourhood and in the last couple of years I’ve noticed small little house-shaped boxes on a stilt in people’s gardens. It’s not a bird house, or a shrine, but a house of books, placed near the street so a passerby can take a look, grab a book, and return a different book.

Little Free Library is a non-profit organisation that supports people installing mini libraries on their lawn to share books with the community. Some buy official Little Free Library units but anyone can make their own and register it with the Little Free Library organisation to be added to the official map.

copy editing

There are dozens of these libraries within a 10 mile radius of my home and I always take a look inside. While editing my novel Catchee Monkey: A Rex & Eddie Mystery I found a book on copyediting in a local LFL. I took the book home and used it as a guide while finishing Catchee Monkey.

Catchee Monkey

This month I decided it was time I gave a book to the Little Free Library so I dropped off a couple of copies of Catchee Monkey, one at the LFL I got my copyediting book from and another local LFL I like. I also inserted a Strange Paul postcard which my artist friend Ben Cameron asked me to leave around Los Angeles. Check out his Etsy store



I hope the Little Free Library trend continues to grow. Owners talk of how installing one connected them with their neighbours, and brought a collection of new books to their front door. Of course, there are some spoil-sports who call in complaints and misuse zoning laws to remove the libraries, but hopefully common sense will win out. As soon as I have a front garden, I plan on getting a Free Little Library myself.